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Can anyone offer advice for using Reiki or energy work specifically for menstrual disorders?

I am a month and a day clean of pain-killers. I have been using Reiki, yoga, and meditation to deal with chronic pain from daily migraines and a mess of medical conditions. I'm very encouraged, overall, but with the onset of that time of the month I've been much less in control of my pain, my energy, and my emotional state.

One of the conditions I suffer from is endometriosis, which puts me in a prolonged state of "premenstrual syndrome" followed by crippling pain and bleeding for several days. I have not been taking any of my normal supplements so it's hitting me full force. I am doing my best but my energy is in such a chaotic state that it is hard to focus. I do not have anyone I can go to (or want to go to) for help, so I am learning all of this on my own. I'm hoping someone can teach me something specifically about healing this kind of disruption.

Any suggestions would be more than welcome.
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