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DZENDO.ORG - "WAY OF SILENCE" - The Website of Qigong and Meditation

Already it is a lot of years our "Western World" a sign with concepts "meditation", "qigong", "yoga", "consciousness", "to be Here and Now". We read Osho, Kastaneda... All already we know about general idea, as a whole :) To us it is already clear that it is necessary to train perception, consciousness... It is clear that it is necessary to train the body, efficiency... But how? Whether there is a system of trainings? Whether there is a Technique?

When I have found website schools Wu Chan Zhong Qigong much became clear to me both about meditation and that there are complex methods of trainings. Wu Chan Zhong Qigong - brings concrete advantage because it is ancient, powerful, concentrated практиуа on transformation of the possibilities. I all recommend to read this site and to try this practice if this theme is interesting to you. One business only to know about a theme, and quite another matter - to be able to do, train it in this business by the checked up and effective techniques.

"Wu Chan Zhong Qigong System is a complex system of knowledge and methods to attain a personal breakthrough into the sphere of extra potential, better self-perception, understanding the world structure, and realizing one’s sense and significance in this world. Our site is created to give a lucid and detailed explanation how to achieve it and how and why Qigong practicing and meditation can change the awareness and sense perception of a Qigong practitioner.

WCZ Qigong is not a religious system. It is practiced by Christians and Taoists, Chán (Zen) adepts and Muslems, Buddhists, Hinduists and Judaists, Sufis, Yogi and Shamans…. WCZ Qigong method of practice is the most spread and known style in the Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic States, in Germany and Slovakia. This method is well-known in Canada, America, Israel, and India. Annually, more and more people in different countries around the world discover this Qigong style and start practicing Wu Chan Zhong Qigong."

I recommend to read page "MEDITATION" about "a state of qigong". I think, it is the fundamental text.

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