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Please help: Solution to suffering from liver damage


I need all you all's input. An older-aged friend is really suffering right now from liver damage caused by an excess of alcohol consumption in the past. He has not had a drink in two years, but the damage has been done and right now he's very sick. He is currently at the hospital, but I have also promised to do some research and compile a list of natural treatment options for his wife. (Especially since a transplant will probably not be a viable option.)

So far, this is what I have come up with. I would appreciate your input on what I already have, as well as further suggestions. Also, if anyone happens to speak Spanish (I am living in Mexico but have only been speaking the language for 6 mos. now), I would really appreciate corrections of anything I may have mis-translated. I am especially uncertain about "dock" (likely is the word for boat dock since I found it with an online translator...) and "Oregon grape" (because I know that "ova" is just the word for the fruit, grape).

#1 Blackberry (zarzamora): good for "sluggish liver." Make a tea from the leaves.

#2 Chicory root (raiz de achicoria): liver-cleansing. Brew it like coffee.

#3 Dandelion (diente de leon): stimulates the liver to rid the body of poisons. Eat the leaves or make a tea from the ground root.

#4 Dock (darsena?): stimulates liver bile and clears toxins. Steep root in hot water, strain and reheat tea. Don't boil the root.

#5 Fennel (hinojo): Repairs liver damage caused by alcohol (perhaps this is their best option?). Root extract or tea made from leaves.

#6 Oregon grape (Uva de Oregon?): Root has blood-cleansing properties, used to alleviate liver-induced symptoms. 1 oz. of dried root to 1 quart of water.

Thank you for your help.
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