Tina (tlx43n) wrote in naturalmed,

Any tips?

I have diarrhea for 3 damn days now. My only option is to go to the emergency room or wait out 2 more days to
see if it will go away. I had diarrhea a week ago but it was over in 2 and a half days. Then I ate a plate of steak with a
side of veggies (broccoli, string beans, carrots and potatoes). The food is all fresh and well cooked, other people
in my family ate it and have no problem. About 2 hours after I ate that, I had hot chocolate. I think the hot
chocolate didn't mix well with the steak but if it was the food, the diarrhea shouldve been over within a day and a half because I went
to the toilet MANY times, all of the food should be gone :(. I tried hot ginger juice, gatorade, imodium pills, pepto bismo,
and ate toast and apples. If my trips to the toilet subsided, my stomach still feels nauseous and I feel like puking every time
I take measly bites of food. On another note, I am 5 feet and weigh like 105 lbs, this is really bad for my weight issue
as I've been working on gaining more weight. If you have any tips, throw some in here too. I spoke to the doctor about this
weight issue awhile back and I've been told that it's normal weight for my height range so that's no help.
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