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[27 Aug 2010|02:40pm]

Bruising too easily? What can cause it? What can I do about it? Thanks!
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Using garlic to treat a yeast infection. [25 Aug 2010|01:08pm]

Alright, here's a question about lady parts.  Fair warning.

I recently discovered that I have my first yeast infection.  I noticed some itchiness at the base of my vaginal opening and an unpleasant odor on Sunday and I went to the clinic on Monday to find out for sure what it was. 

I went online and discovered a couple of cures that worked for others: ACV baths (is there anything apple cider vinegar is not used to cure?), yogurt, and garlic.  Being far too tall for a bath in my tub I'm too lazy to clean, I haven't tried the ACV bath and I've yet to try to the yogurt remedy as well.  On Monday night, I tried the garlic remedy, which simply consists of inserting a freshly peeled clove of garlic vaginally.  The next morning, the itching had almost completely subsided.  I did notice the tiniest light pink trace of blood when I wiped after peeing last night, but there was no pain and I didn't think much of it (I am expecting my period within the week or so).  I repeated the process last night.  This morning, I noticed that though the itching hasn't returned, the area is a little tender to the touch when I wipe after peeing I am spotting. There is still very little but more blood.  I asked my partner to take a look and he says I look red  and "raw".  I know that some folks are very sensitive to the garlic's juice and that's why it's advised not to nick or slice the clove while peeling.  I've been threading the cloves with a needle to make them easier to remove in the mornings.  Could this be the reason I am having this effect?  Has anyone else had this reaction?  And if so, any advice?  Thanks to all who can contribute.


PS - For all those inclined, my partner has pretty much covered all of the safe-guarding-my-vagina-against-vampires jokes...
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A new store for the ladies - probody, proplanet, healthy alternatives [19 Aug 2010|12:05am]

I have an online store selling reusable menstrual products, and I thought at least a few women here might be interested.

I specialise in menstrual cups (sometimes known by the brand name mooncup) and washable cloth pads at the moment, but may branch into other products, such as sponges and cloth tampons, at a later date.

I'm still getting up and running, so don't have every brand in stock just yet (international post is sooooo sloooooow), but I will be stocking these cup brands: Diva, femmecup, fleurcup, iriscup, lunette, ladycup, mooncup, Keeper moon cup, meluna, miacup, shecup, and Yuukicup (naturecup too when they are available). Some are here already, others are in transit.

I will also have as broad a range of locally made and imported cloth pads as I can, including some I make myself.

The website is www.environmenstruals.co.nz. (the pad related parts of the site are still under construction, as are a few of the more finicky details throughout).

If you're in Chch I can offer personal consultation with samples and all to help you pick the right products for you, and can even save you postage and let you pay in cash :-) For everyone else, I'm very happy to chat ponline or on the phone, and can be very flexible on payment methods for those without credit cards or online banking.

I hope to be saving you all hundreds of dollars each very soon.

*I'm also keen to hear from anyone who makes pads and pouches who may want me to stock their wares.
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Psoriasis? [03 Aug 2010|11:02pm]

Does anyone know of a good natural remedy for psoriasis of the scalp? I've tried vitamin D-3 supplements and topical vitamin D-3 with no luck. I am now trying washing my scalp with saltwater. It seems to me that this might work to balance the skin's pH... Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!
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Natural Medicine for Anxiety? [03 Aug 2010|11:47am]

I was wondering, what do you guys suggest for anxiety? I have an anxiety disorder, and I've had a stressful past few days. Thanks!
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high blood pressure [25 Jul 2010|09:15pm]

My fiance's applying to the military and his blood pressure is slightly high, but even any bit higher than normal might mean disqualification, so he must lower it a bit to get it checked again.

We think it's more hereditary because his mother has high blood pressure too, but otherwise, we've done everything we can and it never has worked.

He doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, works out regularly, has a normal BMI, normal cholesterol level, limits his sodium, eats lots of fruit/veg/etc.

Everything else in his physical is perfect, it's just this high blood pressure thing. Is there anything else we can do to lower it? He's already very healthy otherwise.
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Mosquitos [11 Jun 2010|11:14pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

Hi there :)
I'm having trouble with mosquitos :(
I'm literally covered in bites and they're driving me insane :|
I'd really appreciate some advice :)
Also if anyone knows any natural mosquito repellents I'd be really grateful :)

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Natural Thyroid Supplements for Hypothyroidism [21 May 2010|04:32pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Anyone know any info on the exact difference between what happens in your body when using desiccated thyroid with T4 (thyroxine) removed vs. not with T4 (thyroxine) not removed? I know that T4 is basically the way the body stores T3, so by having more t4 the t3 is more readily available. But what does this mean? Why would they remove T4 from a supplement?

Specifically I am talking about Standard Process Thyrotrophin PMG vs. American Biologics Desiccated Thyroid.

Any information or thoughts/experiences using either of these products would also be helpful. Thanks!!!

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Fruit Allergies and Topical Application [10 May 2010|12:43am]

I am honestly not sure how to look this up via Google, so I thought asking here might get me some answers.
I have a kiwi fruit allergy. Eating kiwi causes anaphylaxis symptoms, but I've been lucky in that the symptoms have faded the few times I've eaten kiwi.
Recently, I applied a friend's body lotion that contained kiwi extract (not high on the ingredient list) without realizing that it contained kiwi until I read the back of the bottle. My skin never developed any sort of reaction: No rash, no bumps, nothing. In fact, my friend gave me the lotion and I used it regularly. Still no skin reaction. But I am still definitely allergic to the fruit when I eat it.
I'm wondering if this is common or if it is an exception. I imagine it would be similar to nut allergies. If you have a specific fruit allergy, wouldn't that mean that you couldn't use any skin care products containing the fruit extract? Or does that not matter?
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Cleansing eye wash [24 Mar 2010|10:45am]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone have a recipe or ideas for a warm, soothing, cleansing eye wash? No so much an eye wash you use with cup for the eyeball, but one for the entire area(specifically a swollen eyelid).

I have already been to the Dr over the weekend, then it was the same eyelid but the outer section for tender and sore. She checked it out, eyeball was all good and no signs of anything major. Her thought was eye dryness, but I knew in my gut it was the eyelid. Fast forward few days later, get up today and the outside is fine but the tenderness and slight swelling has moved to the inner eye(as in corner of the eye, possible tear duct??). Little itchier now, but more like healing ithcy than OMG I'm getting pink eye(still my eye itself feels fine).

I am looking for something a little more than a warm washcloth to wipe or put on the area. Suggestions?? Any easy homemade herbal teas that might be good instead of water on the washcloth to sooth it with?

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Treating Acid Reflux? [24 Mar 2010|11:52am]

Well I was curious if anyone knew anything natural about treating acid reflux?  I ruined my stomach with id profeum/advil, 3 years ago.  I try to avoid red meat which seems to increase it.  It really stinks for when it's really bad and I have acid burps and throw up into my mouth.  It's really tiresome.  But I have no health insurance and can't see a doctor and most medicines are too expensive.

So any ideas?  Even if it is food.  I'd be happy to know :)
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Naturopathic Dr Experiences [21 Feb 2010|10:45pm]

Hi Everyone

I have an appointment with a Naturopathic dr for the first time this week and I was wondering if any of you have been what your experiences have been?

I have two family members going to different ND's and they've both been helped greatly with their problems but their accounts seem to be very different (one main concern is that while one can buy her supplements and herbs anywhere, the other can't find those that are prescribed by her ND and thus must buy them for extremely high prices through her ND).

My reasons for going are that while I've had my gluten intolerance under control for several years, I still have trouble losing weight and generally staying healthy (I've been getting sick a lot the past couple years and my regular drs think i'm pretty healthy). I was on Seasonal as a bcp which triggered anxiety and severe IBS issues. The seasonale was taken out of my system and after a while a different bcp was given to me. I'm better but still feeling run down a lot, was hospitalized recently for a stomach infection, and my IBS has fully flared up again to where I'm afraid to eat anything.

So at this point I'm just trying to get myself better preventative care, and get my diet and IBS under control.

Any thoughts?
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Question about an Ayurveda herb, Karanja [18 Feb 2010|02:55pm]

I have a question for those of you who are studying Ayurveda and Indian plants in general. I've recently learned about Karanja oil (Pongamia glabra, from the Pongam tree), which seems to have all the properties and abilities of Neem oil with a more pleasant scent.
I am trying to find research and reviews on the spermicidal and uterine stimulating properties. Neem has been proven to have such properties (women in difficult labor have been given neem leaves to chew to try and help their contractions, and apparently some doctors in India are formulating a neem-based spermicide). But does anyone know if this is also true of karanja? I've only been able to find a single study on the spermicidal effects of Pongamia glabra. It didn't tell me much, other than it did have spermicidal properties and should be avoided in the first trimester of pregnancy.
If anyone with the knowledge can help me out, that would be great. Thanks.
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colloidal silver [22 Dec 2009|10:23pm]

colloidal silver:

people's experiences?

bunk or awesome?
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FREAKING OUT [06 Dec 2009|06:20pm]

I have been suffering from recurrent bacterial vaginosis for a couple of months, and I looked through some old posts here for cures. I decided to try the yogurt douche. I used a turkey baster to squirt plain yogurt directly into my vagina twice today, the first time about 5 or 6 hours ago, then again about 2 or 3 hours ago.

I am getting worried because I expected the yogurt to be slowly seeping out, but my underwear are spotless. A short while ago, I slid my finger inside myself, and there was no yogurt on it when I pulled it out! Where did the yogurt go?!
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[05 Dec 2009|01:26pm]

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to relieve a migraine. I've been getting them for about 10 years now, and nothing seems to work. I get aura migraine, where at first I get a spot in my vision, like if you were to look into the sun, or if someone takes your picture with a flash then you see dots. It's like that, but they don't go away. It's hard to see or focus on anything. To top it off, it's accompanied by a serious pressure headache, like I'm balancing a 10 lb weight on the top of my head. If that wasn't enough, I usually feel nauseous as hell. I never ever get sea or carsick, but I expect this is what it might feel like.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about pressure points, or teas, or anything at all that may help relieve this awful feeling. Thanks in advance.
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[05 Dec 2009|11:46am]

Does anyone know what schools are good for studying nutrition, but with a holistic/alternative/complementary approach? What is the best way for me to go about this?
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Natural Cancer Treatments? [25 Nov 2009|01:16pm]

A friend's wife was diagnosed with cancer nearly a year ago. He is having a hard time dealing with it, so I haven't asked many questions, and I'm not sure what type of cancer it is..

So with that said, any information or experiences with natural cancer treatments would be much appreciated and will be passed on to them. Happy Holidays and thank you in advance.

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Fibromyalgia -- Nearly all gone! [23 Nov 2009|11:29am]

I have a very close friend of the family named Georgette. She is 64 years old and suffering from severe fibromyalgia. She was introduced to this all natural supplement that fights off free radicals and protects each and every single cell in her body. She was introduced by a medical doctor out of Ottawa Canada, where i'm from:)

Anyways within the first 2 days Georgette was noticing something weird happening. The inflammation at the cellular level was going down and she was having much less pain in her hands, feet, and back! Within the next 2 weeks her pain was about 90% gone and she has way more energy than before. She opened up to me the other day and cried for a long period of time talking about how its changed her life so dramatically. If you know anybody with arthritis, fibromyalgia, common aches and pains, low energy levels and would like to try a 1-week supply for free please contact me. I am giving this stuff out for people to see that it really does work for anybody and it can change lives, even if you are healthy! Add me as a friend and I would love to share with you more testimonials.

Thank-you for reading and I hope this can inspire many.
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Ear Problems, Round 2 [22 Nov 2009|10:40pm]

I posted a few days ago asking for help with a probable ear infection. The suggestions were appreciated, but I wound up having to go to the walk-in clinic because it just wasn't getting better. Turns out it wasn't an ear infection, but a "wall" of wax blocking my ear. I got some over-the-counter drops to dissolve the earwax. They did their job and stopped the pain, but now I have another problem:

The earwax is soft, but it's still jammed in my ear. It's in so deep that it's plugged my ear up. When I try to tug on my ear to pop it, I get a second of clear hearing followed by a sucking sound, and then it's back to being plugged-up.

How do I get this stuff out of my ear once and for all? I've heard of ear candling, but I've never tried it before and am a little leery.
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